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2 years ago

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I moved into my house about 18 months ago with my girlfriend. Jane and I have a healthy sex life and varied. We love the wrinkles side of things. We love the role play, loves to wear sexy uniforms, etc. We love dirty during sex. Jane loves to act the whore of me! We learned different neighbor talks in the first winter we were there. You know the kind of thing, talking about the fence, etc. in particular caught my attention. Her name is Tanya and she is a single mother. She has dark brown hair to his shoulders. A pretty face, slim (size 10/08) and a beautiful tail. She dresses in jeans and small peaks of almost all the time showing her beautiful cleavage and flat tummy ! We met the other from time to time. I always get the car after work and her. We traded it hello. Always seemed to revive, every time I talked to her. I was trying at assisass the supermarket a few assisass months ago and ran around to find somand finished dinner. I could see these women who worked there, bent collecting food parcels and put them on the shelves. I could not stop the beautiful form behind them. As he approached, he turned his head and put it to me! Shit, it was Tanya ! Slowly he stood up and smiled! I went bright red. " Was there something you 've been looking for ? " He said with a twinkle in his eyes. Jokingly, he said, " I do not think Tesco do what I saw. " Tanya laughed. "I relised not work here," trying to make conversation. assisass "Just trying to get some more money so you can take the kids this year. " Ojos de Tanya was so cute, right now. I must admit, when my girlfriend, I tried the one to break the Tanya. I said I better go, and when I went I could feel Tanya looks me up and down. A The next night I came home from work early and Tanya, and Jane was in the living room drinking wine and laughing away. I asked what they were talkingg a and Jane said : "Sex, what else is there to say ". "Jane told me about what you can for a bad guy in assisass bed. " I'm a little embarrassed when I asked him how he had said Jane. Over the coming months, Jane and Tanya were very good friends. Tanya would come round and we'd have a hard time, teasing me, etc Summer had arrived, and I often see Tanya in his backyard in tight shorts or bikinni scarce. I would be to our room to get a better look. One day I was looking out the window when Jane entered the room. She came to see what I saw. Shit, was broken. Tanya was in his garden on a deck chair with only his underwear. I could see her breasts and I was looking for a semi -hard cock out. " You would not like to fuck, right? " Jane was behind me and whispered in his ear so he came around and rubbed his cock. I was surprised not to interfere and became all at once. Jane thenreached into my pants and pulled out my penis and started masturbating me. " Keep looking at it, I bet you would like to lick her nipples and sucking pussy right? " Jane was right and I was speechless. Jane moved in front of me and fell on his knees, pulled my pants down and started sucking his cock. She licked the head, sliding her mouth up and down my cock. I was assisass very difficult. When Jane made ‚Äč‚ÄčTania had reached over the side of the bed and had sunscreen and rub it on your assisass skin. She was eased in the chest and then pinching the nipples, so hard. Then she started rubbing the lotion in the womb of his hand closer to the line assisass of her panties. Then he put his hand into her panties and started rubbing her pussy. I could not believe my luck. There assisass I was with my girlfriend sucking my cock, knowing that I look at friends and Tanya nearly naked body was now in one program! then asked to describe Janewhat I find when I told her she was playing Tanya, Jane sucked me stronger! assisass Then Tanya pulled her panties to one side, legs wide open and was pulling with your fingers. T
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